Leadership Series

RWHC is pleased to offer this innovative leadership development series for both new and experienced healthcare managers.  Along with the workshops, the leadership topics are available for On-Site Training.  RWHC offers a range of Organizational Development Services. The series is open to both RWHC members and non-RWHC members.

For more information about the RWHC Leadership Series, please contact Education Services Manager, Carrie Ballweg, or call: 608-643-2343.

The RWHC Leadership Series includes the following workshops:  

On-Site Training Available!  Contact Jo Anne Preston at 608.644.3261, jpreston@rwhc.com, for individual consultation regarding on-site training.

Please noteNurse Preceptor Training is available on-site. Contact Cella Janisch-Hartline at 608.644.3235, chartline@rwhc.com, for individual consultation regarding on-site training.


Organizational Development Services

  • Customer Service Program Development
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Personality/Style Diversity Assessment Tools
  • Strategic Planning Consultation & Facilitation
  • Leadership Team Consultation & Team Building Facilitation

Call 608.644.3261 for individual consultation on RWHC Organizational Development Services.

Jo Anne Preston, RWHC Workforce & Organizational Development Senior Manager, talks about the challenges of leadership development in rural healthcare.